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 The whole English nation, "all orders and ranks of men are now
unanimous and determined to risk their all on the contest." "Under so
many discouraging circumstances, can virtue, can honor, can the love of
your country prompt you to persevere. Humanity itself (and sure I am
humanity is no stranger to your breast) calls upon you to desist. Your
army must perish for want of common necessaries, or thousands of
innocent families must perish to support them. Wherever they encamp the
country must be impoverished. Wherever they march the troops of Britain
will pursue and must complete the devastation which America herself has
begun." "Perhaps it may be said, 'it is better to die than to be
slaves.' This indeed is a splendid maxim in theory: and perhaps in some
instances, may be found experimentally true. But where there is the
least probability of a happy accommodation surely wisdom and humanity
call for some sacrifices to be made to prevent inevitable destruction."
It reads almost as if you had written 
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